Being a Great Leader of Change is the Hallmark of a Great Leader

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Change is a constant in today’s frantic world

Technology, business, our lives – everything changes

If your business can’t embrace change productivity stalls, your competitors overtake you and you will fail to meet new challenges.

When you try to impose change in the workplace, you face resistance.  It’s easy to understand why.

The most common theme in the ‘Lessons Learned’ reports for change programmes is poor management of change.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” – Robin Sharma

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Become a Great Leader of Change

  1. 1People want to work with you
  2. 2Your business achieves its targets
  3. 3Staff are retained and they
    stay motivated
  4. 4Your personal reputation within
    the organisation grows

“It’s not the strongest or most intelligent who survive but those who can best manage change”


Empowering Through Ability

Making time to focus totally on You and Your Goals is important

MY WINNERS programme for success

WINNERS is a series of tried and tested methods and tools to create a clear and structured process for leading change. Through 121 coaching and small group Mastermind sessions you will learn new influencing skills and persuasive techniques.

Your confidence in your leadership abilities will grow and your stress levels will be reduced.

Big Bang or Softly Softly?

A strategy that fits the mood, the culture and the scale of the change together with strong, energetic and visible leadership will more than pay for your investment with Healthy employee morale, Low attrition and a willingness to adopt new ways of working.

We look at your goals and your challenges and the best approach for the change you want to make.

You willl discover how to create the culture you want. In a flexible, productive environment.

WINNERS means that

You become a confident and capable leader with a well-planned programme and a strong team. A leader who people want to work with.

Through the WINNERS Programme you will find the tools and methods you need to drive your change programme forward.

You will become the leader you always knew you could be.

Get set for success

Managing Change Without Making Enemies

All about the strategy
Great results are achieved by great teams
The plan is just the beginning
Making the new ways exciting
Inspiring ingenuity
Expectations and recognition

Let’s keep it simple

Do you know how many books have been written on managing change?
Then there are methodologies, there are principles, there are tools and templates, acronyms galore, consultants promising ‘to do it with you not to you’. Doesn’t this suggest that it’s hard and therefore fertile turf for experts? It doesn’t need to be like that.

There’s a common denominator – it really is all about the people. And there’s the rub. People aren’t predictable, don’t all respond how you want them to, can be selfish, uncooperative and perverse.
When you understand what makes change work - and stick - you have a toolkit you can apply to benefit both your business and your personal life.
Your confidence in your leadership abilities will grow and your stress levels will be reduced.

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Why the WINNERS Programme works

It’s a simple set of easy-to-apply steps through the change process. I developed it over time to help my clients.

The steps provide a guide for our discussions and are all designed to be flexible and simple. They enable you to lead your change with confidence.

You know that leading change in your business means having a clear goal, motivating your people and managing resistance in order to bring them along the sometimes difficult path to a stronger and more successful organisation.

Through 121 coaching and small group Mastermind sessions you will learn new influencing skills and persuasive techniques. You’ll have a set of tried and tested methods and tools to create a clear and structured process for leading change.

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Why should you care?

Making time to focus totally on You and Your Goals is important.

When you understand what makes change stick and you have a toolkit you know works, you can enjoy managing change.

You'll have the structure you need, productivity will improve and you'll be more successful at achieving your targets.

WINNERS gives you the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills you need to lead your Business Change, an enhanced reputation that wins the support and respect of the people working for you, the people working with you and the people you’re working for and high stress levels and sleepless nights will be a thing of the past

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About Me

Vivien Chaffin


Hi. I’m Vivien Chaffin. I help Managers and Business Owners to develop their
strengths as Leaders through delivering successful Business Change.

I have worked with managers facing the challenge of change for over 20 years.

My WINNERS programme is the fruit of this learning and experience. WINNERS is a package of tried and tested methods and tools designed to create a clear and structured process for managing change. A process which brings focus, reduces stress and can even be fun!

Yes, it is difficult to manage change successfully. But if you can do it, you will not only bring your business the benefits it seeks but you will reap the benefits personally in terms of professional recognition, higher salary and more opportunities.

Through one-to-one coaching sessions and Mastermind groups you will gain the ability to deliver successful change – every time.

I’d love to discuss your particular challenge so do get in touch.

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Case Studies

Ensuring those 'Lessons Learned' sessions aren't ‘Lessons Never Learned'

Leadership from below

The Project: Modernisation of processes and systems to improve the supply chain and general efficiency of specialist drinks production. The Challenge: The directors were comfortable in their Board Room - aka ivory tower - with good salaries and company shares, coasting toward retirement. The department managers were very conscious of the urgency to make significant change across the business – they were positively hopping on that ‘burning platform’. They had persuaded the Board to provide the budget for them to make the necessary modernizations. While the term ‘resistance to change’ is usually associated with junior employees, in this case it was the Board who felt ‘everyone should change except me’. With no clear strategy, no involvement and no positive signals from the Leadership team, the poor managers were operating in a virtual vacuum. In spite of the writing on the wall, the company was taken over. The Approach: The experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Managers was the springboard for the programme to be relaunched. The very urgency of the need together with clear direction from the new Board enabled a rapid turn- round and a sustainable business. Lesson: A clear strategy combined with visible vocal and passionate commitment from the top is essential to communicate urgency and motivate the people who look to them for Leadership.
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Having the Right Team

The Project: To align internal management systems following the acquisition of a UK technology company by a European company with similar services. The Challenge: There were significant cultural and structural differences which meant big changes for the newly acquired organisation. The Approach: It could have been plagued with resistance. The combination of visible sponsorship by the FD, an experienced and well-liked programme manager and a team made up of managers from both companies meant differences were aired, discussed and resolved quickly and they agreed a practical approach. Managers from every impacted department together with people familiar with the systems met weekly to hear and give feedback on progress. This significant investment of time more than paid off. Lesson: Clear, non-negotiable objectives combined with a collaborative and supportive approach to the transition delivered a successful implementation. There were also more subtle benefits to the cultural integration of the new organization: New systems with standard procedures encourage diverse teams to work closely together.
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Turning round key stakeholders

The Project: To outsource Customer Services to a call centre in Eastern Europe. The Challenge: The Sponsor was a high flyer in the global business but new to the local organization. A quiet type, extremely capable but low on emotional intelligence - or people skills. He wasn’t well known and couldn’t rouse the commitment of local managers. He couldn’t get the programme off the ground. He needed a front man. The Sales Director was just that man. The Approach: But the Sales Director was seriously worried that the trust of his customers, many of whom he’d known for years, would be lost for ever if confidential information leaked or service levels dropped. He’d been with the company for 25 years, was sociable, well liked and very well respected. He did not approve of the strategy atall. It was essential to persuade him that he had a pivotal role on the programme and his involvement was the best option for securing his stringent measures of success. So, at that light bulb moment, he jumped aboard and became the front man to bring other key stakeholders along too. Lesson: Sometimes the logical and most senior director is not the right leader or sponsor of a major change programme. It may be due to personality or subtle political factors, but the vibes are just not right. Emotional Intelligence/ people skills/ right personality at the right time – however you like to describe it – are just as important as the right professional skills to lead change in an organization.
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